Stump Grinding Sydney

Stump Grinding Sydney

In some situations like a storm or lightning strike, you may have to cut down and remove a damaged or uprooted tree from your landscape. Some tree removal operators don’t do a thorough job and leave the stump protruding from the ground. It’s never a good idea to leave this stump there, as it can prove to be a tripping hazard and impacts the look of the landscape as well. We at Sydney Green Group are one of the leading companies in this space and focus on providing customers excellent tree services.

If you are looking online for “affordable stump grinding service near me”, you need look no further than our company. We use the latest technology and techniques in our work and have a team of certified, well-trained and experienced arborists on board that handle the job in an expert manner.

The benefits of stump grinding Sydney

Once any tree has been removed from your landscaping, the trunk’s lower portion and its root system remain in the ground. Leaving it that way can give rise to various ongoing problems such as:

  • The tree may begin to regenerate from that stump; new leaves and shoots begin growing from it and before long it will start to regain its strength. If you let it grow in an unhindered manner, you will eventually end up spending more money to get the tree stump and the foliage removed again. The only way to ensure the tree doesn’t regenerate is to entirely remove the tree stump.
  • The protruding stump occupies space in the landscape and can become a hindrance if you want to install a flower bed or lawn or even build an outdoor structure in that space. When you hire our professional stump grinding service, our experts will remove the stump to a few inches below ground level and will grind it well; the hole that gets formed will then be filled in with soil and you will have a clear and level space to use as desired.
  • If the tree stump is left in the ground to decompose over time naturally, it can take very long for that to happen and the only way to ensure immediate removal is to opt for our Sydney tree stump removal and grinding solutions.
  • A tree stump also becomes an attraction point for termites and other ground pests. They start to nest in the trunk and will eventually find their way to your home structure or commercial building; termites can cause significant damage with a short period of time.
  • A tree stumps is also visually quite unattractive and they pose a tripping hazard.
  • A rotting & decaying tree stump tends to attract infestations and fungus which can easily spread to the lawns and other plants and trees on your property.

The best way to avoid all these problems and risks is to hire licensed stump removal professionals for the job.

What’s covered in our professional tree stump removal services?

  • We have qualified and experienced arborists on our team who will carefully assess the tree stump in the landscape.
  • They will use state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment to remove the protrusion completely.
  • The machines used in this work have super high-speed disks that grind the stump into small chips which we can dispose of in a responsible manner.
  • We also have a few compact stump grinding machines that are deployed in projects where the stump is locate in a tight or difficult-to-reach spot.

Once the tree stump has been ground, our arborists will make sure that the entire area is clear and that there are no wood chips lying around. If you choose to keep the wood chips to use as mulch or firewood, we will pile them up neatly in one section of your yard.

Stump grinding rates in Sydney

The stump removal cost and time needed for the job depends on a number of aspects such as:

  • Tree stump diameter– If the tree stump has a wider diameter that will escalate the cost of the job.
  • Access to tree stump– If the tree stump is in an easily-accessible space, the cost or stump grinding would be lower than if the stump was located in a tight or difficult-to-access spot or on sloping land as these factors add to the complexity of the job.
  • Type of tree– The tree species and wood quality will affect the cost of tree stump removal as well. Hardwood tree species such as Pine/Liquid Amber can be more difficult to grind and the job takes longer to complete and this increases the cost.
  • Soil condition-If the tree stump is buried deep in rubble or is located on rocky ground, it slows down our stump grinding machines which results in disruptions & delays and can escalate the overall cost of the project.

For any more information on the affordable tree stump removal services we provide, feel free to call Sydney Green Group on 0490 079 990. You can also visit our website for information on the other solutions we offer.